what is OpenSea?

OpenSea is the worlds first and largest digital marketplace for NFT

OpenSea has pioneered a brand new type of digital good called a non-fungible token, or NFT. NFTs have exciting new properties: they’re unique, provably scarce, tradeable, and usable across multiple applications. Just like physical goods, you can do whatever you want with them! You could throw them in the trash, gift them to a friend across the world, or go sell them on an open marketplace. But unlike physical goods, they're armed with all the programmability of digital goods.

how do I get started on OpenSea?

This guide explains the three things you'll need in place to start buying or selling NFTs on OpenSea. You'll need some digital currency, a crypto wallet, and an OpenSea account. Let's get started! 

which wallets are supported on OpenSea?

If you're wondering which crypto wallet to use - the best way is to try out one of the many options available! They all have different features, but many users choose MetaMask for desktop use, and Coinbase Wallet for mobile use. 

accepting you NFT asset

Once you have created your Solana wallet and have registered with SolSea, you will ready to take ownership of your digital NFT asset. 
In order to receive your NFT, we will require your unique wallet address. To locate this address, login to your SolSea account and click on Wallet. A new browser window will launch and you will be directed to Solscan. The first thing you will see is your account overview with your unique alphanumeric address in this format:
Example: 43nJA2JFFSh67wSpox4y8Yv4zjf7LG7MsYXPoTmjrKsC
This is the wallet address which LockerRoom will transfer the NFT to once your purchase has gone through. 


If you're not familiar with NFTs, but would like to support our Student Athlete, we can hold on the asset for you and when you're ready to mint it, we will do all of the backend work for you. When you're ready to jump into the OpenSea NFT world, we'll transfer the NFT that you purchased to your newly minted wallet of choice.

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