With your addition to our rapidly growing family, we’re on the way to creating a uniquely egalitarian NIL program where no one is left behind and WHERE THE TEAM COMES FIRST.

What happens next?

The LockerRoom team works to make your NIL experience seamless and profitable.

  • Coordinate corporate marketing and fan engagements
  • Build a channel for merchandise sales
  • Create and sells NFTs

You are now considered a Brand Ambassador for LockerRoom. This means you can provide goods and services on our behalf, for fans or corporate partners. It is a joint effort to optimize your success within the platform.

Here are your next steps as a LockerRoom Brand Ambassador:

  1. Follow LR on Social Media - Follow us (@getlockerroom) on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. LR will occasionally communicate with athletes via social media DMs.

  2. Send Picture - Please DM a good, professional picture to @getlockerroom (selfies are great and it does not need to be a sports picture. Please no pics wearing helmets). This will be used as our social media announcement for you and LockerRoom.

  3. Register With Dryft - Every LockerRoom Student Athlete will receive an automatic sponsorship from our influencer platform partner Dryft. You will earn 25% of all Pro memberships signed up by your followers. Please goto https://dryft.me and enter your free link name (typically your name) to claim your Dryft profile. Please make sure you use the promotion code lockerroomvip - all lowercase, no spaces to get your FREE Pro account. You will receive training on the platform after you register. 
  4. Campaign Communications - Follow @ej_bowen on Instagram. EJ Bowen is responsible for management and operations of all LockerRoom NIL campaigns. Most of the communications for NIL contracts will come from EJ so please follow this step

  5. Campaign Registration - Register Here for current campaigns that interest you. The link stays the same and we add new campaigns to the form often. Please save this URL for your future use https://lockerroom.co/athlete-campaign-application-form/  

  6. Ongoing Communications - Please download the GroupMe app on your phone and join the LR Athletes Only channel. We have hundreds of student-athletes registered with LockerRoom and we use GroupMe as a means of mass communication with them.

  7. Compliance – Inform your compliance director about your relationship with LockerRoom. Each school has different requirements. Make sure you follow your school’s rules.

  8. Update Social Media Profiles – Add @GetLockerRoom Brand Ambassador on your social media profiles. This helps make you compliant with the NCAA NIL guidelines.

  9. Partnership Announcement – Send out an “I Joined @GetLockerRoom” post on social media. This tells fans, sponsors, and brands where to find you.

Upload your photos

Attention Student Athlete - Please be aware that we use these photos to secure marketing, sponsorship, and advertising opportunities for you. It is a good idea to upload photos of yourself which would cast you as a professional athletic brand ambassador. 

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