Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is NIL (Name Image and Likeness)?
    1. Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) allows Student-Athletes (SA) to earn compensation for the use of their name, image and likeness, and prohibits post-secondary institutions from preventing athletes from earning money or goods.
  2. How can a merchant or sponsor benefit from NIL?
    1. Merchants and sponsors are able to work with higher collegiate student athletes to promote their products. The degree to which you can benefit is based on the amount of money pay to the platform. For example, a local restaurant may pay into LockerRoom in return for the local football team to tweet for residents to support their business.
  3. What value does a merchant or sponsor get from using LockerRoom?
    1. Merchants and sponsors receive marketing and advertising from local and national athletes that they are supporting.
  4. Why would a merchant or sponsor use LockerRoom and not just go directly to the athlete?
    1. There are relatively few high-profile athletes that a merchant or sponsor may wish to work with directly. LockerRoom enables all student athletes to profit from their NIL, and local businesses to support them in the way they gain the greatest value. By using LockerRoom, you minimize the risk of a high-profile athlete transferring and taking your value with them. 
  5. How much does it cost for a merchant or sponsor to participate in LockerRoom?
    1. Merchant’s or sponsors can purchase a subscription to perform regular sponsorships. LockerRoom packages start at $50 per month. As merchants or sponsors contribute more funds, they receive greater value by helping them promote their business.
  6. Can individuals participate in LockerRoom?
    1. Yes, but only via a subscription that delivers merchandise from the team and/or players. Individuals are not able to sponsor players because it could be construed as pay for play.
  7. How can merchants and sponsors direct how funds are used?
    1. Merchants and sponsors work directly with LockerRoom to define how they would like to market their business. This could include:
      1. Advertise and Promote - Use social media platforms to advertise and promote brands, products, and services.
      2. Sell Merchandise - Sell autographed merchandise and items to Sponsors.
      3. Provide Services - Provide personal coaching sessions, speaking engagements, and personal appearances of LockerRoom sponsors, corporate partners, and advertisers.
  8. Are there any industries not permitted to participate in NIL?
    1. The following industries are excluded from participating in NIL
      1. GAMBLING
      2. TOBACCO
      5. MARIJUANA
  9. How does LockerRoom make money?
    1. LockerRoom is a for profit company that aggregates distributes NIL dollars on behalf of schools and athletes. For this service, LockerRoom retains a small percentage of the payment to maintain and grow business operations. The percentage changes based on the service provided.
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