Student-Athletes will not get lost in a sea of thousands of their peers at LockerRoom.

what is lockerroom?

Student-Athletes can sign up for NIL Deals, get paid to execute them individually or as a team, and even mint NFTs to sell to fans.

monetize nil

With LockerRoom's flexible platform, students can get involved in a wide range of money-making activities, such as:

  • Sponsors have the option of paying Student-Athletes to serve as brand ambassadors and do promotional work on their behalf.

  • Individual Student-Athletes can be sponsored by corporate partners for promotional, advertising, and marketing purposes.

  • One-on-one coaching, public appearances, and signing sessions may be offered by student-athletes.

  • Student-athletes can sell their own items.

  • Make NFTs available for purchase.

  • Promote coaching methods through the use of video tutorials.

  • Make arrangements for the coaching of young people.

  • Initiate, plan, and execute LIVE online gatherings.

  • Increase brand and business awareness.

​LockerRoom is dedicated to assisting EVERY Student-Athlete in maximizing the benefits of their NIL by rewarding every Student-Athlete from every sport represented on our platform. Everyone in LockerRoom is compensated, from the starters to the second string to the practice squad.

  • Keeping our LockerRoom Student-Athletes' NCAA eligibility, scholarship, and financial aid criteria is our number one priority.

  • Providing a link between athletes and companies and people for a range of objectives, including social media campaigns, product endorsements, and brand promotion, is our focus.

  • LockerRoom Student Athletes have the option to participate in Deals, activities, and Deals that are offered by our fans, marketers, and corporate sponsors.

  • Student-Athletes have complete control over their brand and may choose to engage in whichever offer they deem appropriate.

We believe in the power of the team and actively find NIL deals that all Student-Athletes benefit from. We’re focused on helping the Team WIN amazing NIL Deals.

Nil Deal Types

Our NIL deals ensure that every member of the team gets a chance to engage in them. Afterall, it takes a team to raise a superstar.

  • The goal is to build a countrywide influencer base of Student-Athletes.

  • ​Where SA live and play, we actively market “Hometown Merchant” advertising packages.

  • Social Media: Use social media platforms to market and promote the Sponsor brand, goods, and services.

  • Direct Sales Sell Products: To Sponsors, sell signed merchandise and items.

  • Personal coaching sessions, speaking engagements, and personal appearances of LockerRoom sponsors, business partners, and advertising are all available as services.

  • The LockerRoom Royalty is 5% of our overall income.

  • Create monthly recurring revenue for all Student-Athletes.

  • Create an NFT marketplace for athletes to earn residuals.

  • Alumni: Athletes may stay in LockerRoom after graduation.

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