LockerRoom Athlete NIL Campaign Registration


ModBalls do energy different. They’re healthy alternatives to spike-n-crash energy products. It’s pure fuel with no added stimulants (that’s surprise-and-delight delicious).

ModBalls were first made (at home, out of love) by a food scientist and former college athlete. He just wanted to help his kids succeed in sports…and life.

ModBalls help you perform at your peak. So, you can do more of what you love most. Because our only goal is making you unstoppaBALL!

Everra is a health and beauty company who soon will have a sportwear line. They are constantly brining in new products that you can represent and earn money in perpetuity. This is not just a one and done NIL deal. This is an opportunity to choose who you want to be as an influencer and learn how to be successful in the industry.

What is Everra beauty?
Everra offers a one-of-a-kind marketplace empowering Influencers and brands around the world. ... Founded in 2019, the company develops products, and collaborates with innovative brands from around the world, that promote inner health and outer beauty.

Northern Lites is a North Texas company that makes hats affordable and trendy. New hats come out every few weeks and our supply is a first come first serve method. We look forward to growing our company with the help of customers like yourself!!

Our mission is to provide apparel that is trendy and represents our home region. We started this company to embark on a journey in hopes of being well known one day. A dream of such is only possible with the help of people like you who continue to believe and support us. So thank you from the Northern Lites team!!!

Shinesty Women

Shinesty is a fun clothing line likes to toe the edge with its products and marketing. They’re known for using crazy patterns on their clothing that stand out.

Omaha Steaks does mail order meat packages. The majority of their business is done during Thanksgiving to Christmas and for Father’s Day. They are looking to get customers purchasing outside of “gifting” times.

One of LockerRoom’s founders, EJ Bowen, owns Snuggie Buggies and is looking for help to launch the brand. Snuggie Buggies designs, manufactures and sells plush toys. They currently have 10 products available. They are looking for athlete influencers who like/liked stuffed animals or have children who like stuffed animals.

Guess what? ALL LockerRoom Student-Athletes are automatically sponsored by Dryft. We truly are an NIL Platform for ALL.
So, what is Dryft?
Dryft is the most powerful way to showcase your personal brand

Design. Stand out with the sharpest link page on the market. Your social bios deserve a link that’s more than just a static page of more links – Dryft profiles simply look better.

Discovery. Dryft is a true platform where fans can follow their favorite creators. This means that new people can find you right on Dryft – Time to watch your audience grow

Direct Connection. When someone follows you on Dryft, you know you’ve found a super fan. This is your list of most-engaged real people – and you can contact them directly!

CompanyAngora Solutions

About – Angora solutions designs, manufactures and sells custom items on Amazon. They are doing a proof of concept with LockerRoom using a Knife Block Set Holder.


Company – Kokolu

About – Kokolu designs, manufactures and sells ecofriendly and sustainable handbags and shoes.

Product –


About – Skelcore is a brand that until now manufactured Gold Gym apparel and equipment. They have now branched out and started their own athleisure label. They do an affiliate program where you will get paid for sales generated from your specific link. Since you will be paid an affiliate commission, it makes much more sense to post often over the course of 90 days. This will only boost your overall payment.


Disclaimer: Registering for this NIL opportunity does not guarantee you a spot on this campaign. Our business and advertising partners have the final say on who is selected to represent their products.  

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